Finding the Right Veterinarian

Choosing a veterinarian is not unlike choosing a doctor for yourself or your family. You must decide which issues are most important to you, but here are a few basic considerations when searching for a veterinarian:

  • Does the practice have a good reputation?
  • Is the veterinary staff efficient and caring?
  • Does the veterinary staff communicate well?
  • Does the practice focus on preventive care and improving overall wellness?
  • Does the practice have licensed veterinary technicians on staff?
  • Is the practice clean and organized?
  • What is the practice’s policy for emergency care?
  • Do the practice’s service fees fit your budget?
  • Are the practice’s location and hours convenient to you?

Don’t wait for an emergency to find a veterinarian . Plan ahead and find a veterinarian who meets the needs of both you and your cat.